Chamois Pads

F1 Elite PRO Gel Pad - The F1 Elite PRO Gel pad is the most advanced in the line. The central part of the insert incorporates a special foam gel to enhance protection and absorb as many of the road vibrations as possible that can be transferred through the saddle. Every component has been carefully chosen in order to have a top-quality chamois. The cover material, a micro-fiber polyester is bonded to the padding with new Omni-Form Technology, a special molding process made in high frequency that avoids the high temperatures of the traditional molding processes. This results in softer materials. The great elasticity of the materials used allow the pad to move together with the body and to return always to its original shape use after use. Our F1 Elite PRO Gel chamois is the best pad for the most demanding athletes.

F2 PRO Pad - The F2 PRO pad is a lightweight one-piece insert without seams. Its polyester micro-fiber cover material is bonded to a layer of padding through the OmniForm high frequency process. This new process eliminates hard edges and stiff areas caused by heat in standard molding processes. The thickness of the various parts of the chamois has been carefully studied to conform perfectly to the anatomy. Finally, an anti-bacterial treatment is added to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.


Special Cross Pad - The result of feedback from Elite racers like Sven Nys and Neils Albert, our Special Cross Pad represents the pinnacle of cyclo-cross specific clothing technology. To accomplish this we've taken the F1 Elite PRO Gel Pad and reduced it's bulk for the short, intense, and often wet efforts of cyclo-cross. The result is a chamois that allows more comfort and freedom of movement while running with the additional benefit that it resists absorbing water during inclimate weather.

Women's F20 Elite PRO Gel Pad - We've taken the same technologically advanced foam gel and micro-fiber cover as the F1 Elite PRO Gel Pad and used Omni-Form Technology to form it into a women's specific shape born out of the feedback of some of the world's top female riders.

Women's F10 PRO Pad - A women's specific shape of our F2 PRO Pad designed with input from world-class female racers, the F10 shares all of the technologically advanced features that have made the F2 a favorite in the pro men's peloton; one-piece construction without seams, polyester micro-fiber cover material, OmniForm high frequency bonding process, variable thickness, and anti-bacterial treatment.