Squadra VS Sport Short Sleeve Sprint Suit, Black, Full Zipper

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The latest technology for speed.  Our Carbon Forma Sport sprint suit  features the latest in high-tech racing fabric technology for maximum speed, comfort and ventilation. With carbon fabric on the front and micron fabric on the back, it features a siicon gripper around the bottom of the jersey and a new special arm band stretch gripper.

Amestista is woven with carbon filaments and a honeycomb weave allowing the fabric to stretch in all directions rather than the traditional four.  In addition to superior elasticity, the fabric enables muscle isolation to delay the onset of fatigue and has excellent moisture moving and temperature regulation. Light and soft Asteria fabric, with its incredible 40 threads pre centimeter weave, provides micro compression, better coverage and elasticity and superb wicking capability. 

Long Distance Pad - The LD or long distance pad is the newest and most advanced in the Vermarc collection, specifically designed for our high end bibs.  The outer layer uses a special nylon microfiber that permanently incorporates aloe vera into the fabric during the manufacturing process.  The aloe vera does not wash out or fade over time.  It cools, protects and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle and is a natural defense against bacteria.

The inner layer is made from thick expanded memory foam with a waffled texture that moves perspiration to the outside where it evaporates.   The shape comfortable contours the riders body providing ultimate protection where needed most.








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