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When you support the world's top athletes, sometimes you need to go to great lengths to give them the product they need to do their job. Designed from scratch to be the best clothing to use against the clock that the world has ever seen, our new Professional Time Trial Suit is truly an engineering marvel.

Tested, retested, and refined in the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 Windtunnel to ensure nothing was left to chance, we are confident that this suit will not hold you back in your battle with the wind. Made from a newly developed fabric called Tavolara that is both highly aerodynamic and gives excellent muscle support (think compression socks for your whole body), it also manages moisture exceedingly well so that you can put out your maximum effort in all weather conditions.

Tavolara is a highly compressed fabric that gives extra support to the muscles and helps to prevent early fatigue. Multi-directional elasticity. Controls sweat and gives protection against UV rays

The LD (Long Distance) Chamois is the newest in our collection. Designed specifically for Vermarc's top-of-the-line bibs and shorts, it is the result of feedback and testing from the world's best riders. The outermost layer of the LD pad utilizes a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera. The LD pad is the first and only pad on the market today that takes advantage of Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera component is not a treatment, but is permanently incorporated into the material during the manufacturing process so that the benefits will not wash out or fade over time. The integrated Aloe Vera cools, protects and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. In addition, Aloe Vera is a natural defense against bacteria.

Below this outermost layer is a thick expanded memory foam with a waffled texture. The divots created by the texture aid in ventilation and perspiration management so that the pad does not retain moisture, but moves it to the outside where it can evaporate rapidly.

Underneath the upper layers is a section of padding. This highly ventilate padding is cut to a unique smaller shape that protects and supports the rider at crucial contact points against the saddle. The shape of this bottom-most layer is designed to comfortably contour to the rider's anatomy and provide protection where needed most. A prostate relief cut-out in the center and independent glute panels allow maximum comfort and movement with the body in motion.

The Long Distance insert is elastic - stretching and conforming to all movements on the bike, then returning to its original shape after exercise. The advanced technology and attention to detail make the Long Distance chamois the ideal pad for demanding athletes who always require maximum quality.



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