Mid Season Jacket

The ideal jacket for sudden weather changes that interrupt your ride.  It combines two of our most popular garments. The front is made with our insulated Technical WindTex fabric like our tech jacket. The back is made of the same breathable ATX fabric as our long sleeve jersey. The result is ultimate comfort for you.

Technical WindTex - A heavier weight insulated version of our popular WindTex fabric, Technical WindTex features a windproof and waterproof membrane that is both light and soft for excellent comfort. It also has a high degree of elasticity, something many similar membranes lack, which allows it to move with you for a better fit resulting in greater comfort and unhindered performance. In addition, it enables maximum breathability allowing perspiration to escape without letting outside moisture in.

ATX - The cool weather fabric. ATX is a medium weight fabric ideal for in between seasons. Designed for warmth without overheating, it uses a special weave for breathability while being light, comfortable, and supple.



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