35 Years of Cycling Collection Carbon Forma Roubaix Bib Tights with Stirrup - Elite Chamois

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Our Carbon Forma bib tights with stirrup are a must have item for cold weather riding.  Featuring the latest in high-tech racing fabric technology for maximum speed, comfort and ventilation. The inner HC44 layer is a lightweight nylon and Lycra fabric made with extremely fine thread. HC refers to the fabric’s high compression rate, while 44 designates the number of threads per centimeter in the knitting process. This ultra compact knit translates into performance and comfort. It is lighter (180 gm), yet offers the performance enhancing higher compression rates previously found only in heavier fabrics. With its high TPC count the material is softer and more supple than other nylon/Lycra fabrics. HC44’s light weight also increases its wicking capability. The outer Amestista layer is woven with crbon filaments and a honeycomb weave allowing the fabric to stretch in all directions rather than the traditional four. The superior elasticity enables muscle isolation to delay the onset of fatigue. It has excellent moisture moving and temperature regulation. Flatlock stiching throughout eliminates irritation from seams.




Elite-OF pad - The Elite–OF pad is the most advanced in our line.  The central insert incorporates a special foam gel to enhance protection and help absorb the road vibrations that can be transferred through to the saddle.  Every component is carefully chosen to produce a top quality chamois. The cover material, a micro-fiber polyester, is bonded to the padding with OmniFormtm technology, a special high frequency molding process that avoids the high temperatures of traditional molding processes, resulting in softer materials and greater elasticity. The pad moves together with the body and returns to its original shape use after use. Finally, an antibacterial treatment is added to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.  The Elite-OF chamois is the best pad for the most demanding athlete.




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